Episode 1: Finding Our Way Through the Uncertainty of the Future

Topics Include:

  • How has life been post treatment and getting back to who you were before your diagnosis? How has uncertainty of the future, if any, affected your future plans?
  • What are some common sources of uncertainty in your life that you’ve had to navigate, and how has your mindset evolved in response to these challenges?
  • Some people find it challenging to deal with uncertainty. How do you manage or cope with the anxiety or stress that can come with an uncertain future? Are there any particular strategies or practices you employ to stay mentally resilient in the face of uncertain times?
  • How do you strike a balance between planning for the future and accepting that you can’t control or predict everything that could happen?
  • In what ways has your mindset regarding the uncertainty of the future impacted your decision-making and lifestyle choices?
  • What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with maintaining a balanced mindset in the face of an uncertain future?

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